How to Rank in Google Local in 2015

Google Local can be very effective if used properly, but the keyword there is properly, because unless your site is fully optimized it’s not going to rank There are quite a few things you need to work on, but it all comes down to using familiar search engine techniques and tailoring it for local users.

Google Local Listings

Use City/ST in the Right Places

You’re aiming at specific local areas so you must include city/ST in the title tag. The title tag is essential for optimization so your state and city need to be included to increase relevancy. Apart from title you also need to include this in your H1 heading. The city/ST doesn’t have to make up the entire H1, but it has to be there.

There are three other places where city/ST has to be included: the alt text, site content and in the URL.

  • If you’re aiming for a local area, your site’s content must mention the city/ST and provide data specific to that place, otherwise it will come out as simply general information that’s applicable everywhere.
  • A lot of sites don’t even use alt text at all and that’s a shame because it’s very important.  Google doesn’t see your images so it uses alt text to understand the content of your page. By including city/ST in the alt text, Google will know your intended target and make the proper adjustments.
  • If possible, edit your URL so the city/ST is included because it’s going to go far in terms of informing Google that you’re targeting local areas and users. If you do make changes to your URL, set up a 301 redirect so the old URL goes straight to the new one.

Other Tips for an Effective Website

Apart from targeting the right audience, you’ll need to do the following to ensure that once people visit your site they’ll keep coming back.

  • Create a Good Home Page: create a home page so people and search engines will know what your site is about. You don’t want to cram a single page with too much information, but it’s going to take more than a few sentences and banners to lure people in. Give a general idea about the website and how the information can help site visitors. Also, you need to emphasize that it’s targeted for that particular city/ST.
  • People go online to find information, so don’t leave them hanging. Don’t say “we sell X, call us for more details!” You need to provide details about the product so the would-be shopper will feel compelled to buy.
  • Don’t spam keywords because Google will penalize your site. Filling the page with too many references to the city or state isn’t very useful, and while it may give you a quick ratings boost, people will soon be turned off and look elsewhere. If you want to rank high, provide useful and relevant information instead.
  • Use the title tags properly: the title tag should encapsulate what the page is about and not merely consist of keywords.
  • You also need to place emphasis on local optimization because on-site signals are more important now than ever before. No matter how beautifully designed your website is, it’s not going to help if the local signals Google’s looking for isn’t there.

The tips provided here might seem old fashioned and tedious, but there is no shortcut to success when it comes to ranking. As was pointed out at the beginning of this article, the secret to getting a high rank is by giving the user the information they need, simple as that. If you do that your chances of soaring at the top of Google Local search results will be high.


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Adwords Pay Per Call Explained: And How It Can Help Your Business

Pay per call marketing is all about linking your business to your customers, so it’s like the yellow pages only it’s online. While it seems redundant at first, pay per call can help in many ways.


Suppose phone calls is an important lead tool in your business and your company is willing to pay $5 for a call and a dollar for every click by customers who look for “European vacation” on Google or whatever your keyword is. Usually a combination of Pay Per Click (PPC) and the ad’s quality score influences your Ad Rank and position.

Now however, you can bid for calls, and your phone call Quality Score will affect your Ad Rank and generate more clicks and calls. While traditional pay per call has always been effective, it’s now even more so when used online.


Growing Importance

Google has recognized the importance of pay per calls, which is why they’re now allowing AdWords to place bids on ads that are strictly call only. According to Google, advertisers can utilize a Google tracking number or one of theirs, and you no longer need to use a website or landing page for the click through.

What does all this mean? Simply that Google and other companies now recognize the benefits that pay per call provides, and with the additional options that they are supplying, you’ll be able to make full use of it even more. All this of course, will lead to greater potential profits.

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How You Can Use Video Marketing to Improve Sales Conversions and Drive Revenue Growth

Marketing research shows that video is a very effective tool for enticing people to buy a product or try a service, and it’s just as potent in terms of increasing brand awareness. But it’s not simply a matter of uploading a video to your website, as they need to stimulate interest in your target audience. With these tips, you’ll be able to produce quality videos that increase your sales conversions and profit.

Make Product Videos

This is hardly a revolutionary idea, but it still works. However you can’t do the same routine (explaining the features, pushing people to buy it, etc.) Instead you should show the potential customer how they can use the product or service, offer testimonials and how the product can benefit them.

video production marketing

In other words, the video needs to be about how the product or service will work for them, and not about your company asking them to buy it. With this approach you’re putting the customer in charge.

Create a Video Series

One of the best ways to keep people coming back is to create a series of related videos.  These videos may feature a recurring character, theme or simply new ways to use the same product. If you’re selling a mobile app you can create a weekly video series offering tips on how it works.

Regardless of what the product is, the video needs to convey the message that it’s part of a series and that people need to tune in again because there’s more to come. The more people learn about the product, the more likely they’ll buy it and make recommendations to their friends.

Interact with Your Audience

The success of social media boils down to increased interaction, and the same rule applies to businesses. Video is engaging, but you can make it even more so if there’s interaction with your audience.

There are many ways to get your audience involved: you can start a video contest that will have viewers create a video concerning a subject that’s related to your product or service. Apart from awarding the winners with prizes, the best videos should be chosen to promote the product.

This approach works well on many different levels. For one thing, people generally love creating videos, and having their work used by a company to promote a product is a big plus for them. Second, this establishes a rapport with your target audience because their work is being used to promote the product. In effect, they’re now a part of your company’s community and there’s already a sense of trust built in, and that’s what you need to build customer loyalty.

video production hamilton

Be Different

Finally, your video needs to be different. Take Memory Tree for instance: the reason this video agency has become so successful is their ability to produce high quality and unique videos that leave a mark on those who view them. You need to take the same approach with your videos as well.

This point cannot be emphasized enough: it’s not enough to have a unique product or service, as the manner which you deliver them needs to be different as well. If your video is run of the mill, then there’s no reason for people to tune in or be interested in it.

In other words, don’t copy the competition: if they created a video about a talking lion and received 25,000 hits, that doesn’t mean you should do the same as you’ll come out as a copycat. While it’s certainly okay to draw inspiration from the successes of others, you need to focus on your product / service and create the video around it.

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